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Now With an Uncanny Amount of Flexibility

Hardware accelerated multiple parallaxes
Full-width with custom content width
Full-height with top, center, left content locations
HD video YouTube & Vimeo backgrounds
Tilting & moving hover backgrounds
Nested row support
Drop-in row adjustment elements
Smooth scroll plugin included
Changeable speed & opacity

We think plugins should be easy to use out of the box. We have made things very intuitive, every setting has instructions on what they do. Minimal effort, maximum effects.

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Be Creative
We give you the tools to unleash your creativity on your website. Create backgrounds like this multiple parallax background easily.

Usually, parallax backgrounds are slow. But not ours, we have meticulously created hardware accelerated effects to make your site fast and snappy. It’s fast, and even some of the top ThemeForest themes have incorporated our tech.

[fullwidth_row content_width=”100%”]
[fullheight_row content_location=”center”][parallax_row direction=”up” speed=”0.4″ opacity=”100″ enable_mobile=”parallax-enable-mobile” image=”14″]
[fullheight_row content_location=”center”]

Just upload a high resolution image, and we take care of the rest. We adjust your image just right for your parallax – like magic.

Mix and match row adjustments to your heart’s content. Add full screen multiple parallaxes, and use them together with VC’s default row settings.

[parallax_row direction=”up” speed=”0.3″ opacity=”30″ enable_mobile=”parallax-enable-mobile” image=”64″][fullwidth_row][fullheight_row content_location=”center”]

Click on the Launch Demo button above to try it out